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Blemished Wire Port Lid


Spare blemished wire port lid (version 1.0)

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Since there is currently no way to connect wires to a camera inside a CRACE 2 while maintaining “coolant resistance”, I suspect some people may want to modify their wire port lids on their own so that they can have that functionality right away. If you plan to modify your original lid, it might be nice to have a spare (“just in case”). This wire port lid is very similar to the non-blemished version, but there is a cosmetic flaw of some kind that prevents me from selling it for full price. Functionally they are just fine.


  • 1x – Blemished black anodized aluminum wire port lid
  • 2x – 6mm long M3x0.5 stainless steel Philips flat head screws
  • 1x – 1.5mm x 28mm buna-n o-ring (pre-greased)

This is version 1.0 of the wire port lid. Other than the cosmetic blemishes on these particular wire port lids, no known issues exist with v1.0 and no revisions are planned at this time.

Note: a non-blemished wire port lid comes pre-installed in each CRACE 2. Only order this if you would like to own a spare.